Introducing 'zero click' Magento reporting
that puts the joy back in your data

We're on a mission to make growing your sales a breeze by killing off the need to dig for and through data to get what should be simple answers and clear direction to grow your sales. Goodbye stress.

Become a Marketing God

Low level campaign insight that looks at more than just sales. Imagine knowing the potential and real lifetime return of a customer or exactly where and how you should be spending your marketing budget without any number crunching.

Skip to Your Board Meetings

Do you dread that frantic and hellish struggle to pull together the latest figures or forecasts? Imagine if it was all just done, ready for you to walk away with. Sounds pretty magical, but it's much much better than magic we assure you.

See The Future

Products you absolutely need to stop selling? Categories of product that you should source more of? Stock you're going to be out of soon? You can know all of this and more without even having to ask as Coffee Commerce is 'zero click' .

All Your Friends Together

Coffee commerce talks to Google Analytics, Yotpo, Xero and plenty of others which means no knocking on all their digital doors to get data that's actually useful. Coffee Reports really is your new best friend when it comes to Magento reporting.

Get free beta early access

We are opening Coffee Reports for Magento up to a limited number of users.